Easy Rentals specialises in mid and long term rentals of properties in Barcelona

Monthly rental

1)    Select the type: Monthly rental, desired dates, area of interest and number of people in the search box of our website

2)    You’ll see a list of available apartments, click on the picture of each apartment to see the description, photos, location and price

3)    If you have found your perfect apartment, click on the green box 'Request Booking'

4)    Confirm your leasing period (one month, two months ... 11 months)

5)    Select the optional extras

6)    Enter your personal information and click on the green box 'Request Booking'

7)    Verify your information and indicate your special needs

8)    Read and accept our cancellation policies

9)    Confirm your request by clicking on the button 'Confirm booking request'

10)  Within 48 hours we will send an email with the final quote and next steps of your application


You can pay by PayPal or credit card (Visa / Mastercard / American Express ) using our online payment gateway

Outstanding amount

You can pay by credit card (Visa / Mastercard / American Express) or cash


Montly rental

a) Bookings are subject to the reception of all your documents and owner’s acceptance

b) The reservation is a partial payment for the first month's rent; if you request a cancelation, the amount will not be refunded

c ) The contract needs to be signed before the reservation expires, after that date the amount can’t be refunded

Key collection takes place at the booked apartment. We will send you an e- mail with all the details and instructions to follow

Montly rental

Weekdays from 10 am to 6 pm

In the confirmation e- mail you will find the phone number of your contact person

Montly rental

- ID

- Accreditation of income

- Permanent address

- Bank account

Yearly rental

- ID

- Accreditation of income

- Bank account

Montly rental

The rent does not include amenities, final cleaning or agency fee, and requires a deposit according to the leasing period

Agency fee:

1-4 months: 70% of the monthly rent + VAT

4-6 months: 80% of the monthly rent + VAT

6-11 months: One month of rent + VAT

Yearly Rental

- The rental price does not include supplies and agency fee. In addition, a deposit will be required; usually equivalent to one month's rent

- Agency fee: 10% of the yearly rent + VAT

Yes it’s possible and it will be coordinated according to the availability of the apartment. Send us a contact and we will confirm it

Montly rental

- If your check-in is not on weekdays (from 10 am to 6 pm), 30€ extra will be charged

- Final cleaning, according to the apartment

- Expenses and internet, according to the apartment