Mid-term rentals, from 32 days to 11 months


Easy Rentals offers lodgings for everyone who would like to spend a season in this beautiful region or already live in the area, but need to rent a space for few months.

Our agents will help you to find the ideal accommodation for your stay, whether for study, work, doing home renovations, staying in town for medical treatment or just wanting to spend some time in the city.

We focus on renting apartments, rooms, lofts and penthouses in the best areas of Barcelona.



  Long-term rentals, for years


Easy Rentals offers long term rentals and permanent housing for those who have chosen Barcelona as their final destination.

If you want to spend a longer period in this area, we will help you to find the best apartment, flat, penthouse or loft in the greater area of Barcelona.



  Real estate advisory services


Easy Rentals offers an extensive portfolio of apartments and houses for sale.

If you are looking for a permanent residence, a second home or simply invest in a property; our agents will help you throughout the entire acquisition process.